Profit from front runners on Betfair


( Profit from targetted front runners on Betfair) 


Profit from front runners on Betfair !


  • Have your bookie accounts been heavily restricted or even closed altogether ? unsmiley sad face
  •  Are your stakes limited to pennies with your bookie accounts ?  unsmiley sad face
  • Are you one of the ones to have received the dreaded letter from the bookie saying ” Following a review of your account,we have made a commercial decision to no longer offer you sports betting” ?  unsmiley sad face


Does all of this sound familiar ?


  • If it does then we have the perfect alternative to bookie accounts!
  • If this does NOT sound familiar, then it will in time, trust us on that!
  • The bookies don’t want winning players or even those who regularly take value odds from them.If this is you then it’s only a matter of time before you receive your ” following a review ” letter.



It’s probably being sent as you read this !


Well, if thats the case, It’s Time To Bin The Bookie & Profit from front runners on Betfair instead !   smiley ace 68x66


Profit from front runners on Betfair


Fear not, as we have a very profitable alternative to spending your time trying to hide from bookies and keep those accounts alive.Its time to bin the bookie and invest your time on something much more lucrative, reliable and something that will NEVER restrict you for winning! In fact winning is exactly what this solution wants you to do!

With Front Runner Profits (FRP) you will be placing all your bets at the betting exchange or BETFAIR as its better known.The Font Runner Profits browser based service uses sophisticated analysis of each qualifying UK & Irish race of the day to pinpoint those runners in the race that are expected to lead in the early part of the race.


But why does this represent a profitable opportunity to us ?

 Having this knowledge before the race starts gives us a great advantage when it comes to trading in play.If we have a predictive analysis of which horse is likely to lead in the race, coupled with some very simple criteria around the behavioural indicators of the horse immediately prior to the off, this gives the astute trader an excellent angle to exploit for profit.In short it will give you an edge to the in play market that is notoriously difficult to compete against with those with super quick fibre optic internet connections, quicker pictures or even those on course vultures with the most live pictures of all !

Avoid falling prey to those Betfair vultures and equip yourself with the best pre race information that will allow you to profit from a very brief dip in & out of the in-play market to secure profits time and time again!

There is a huge player advantage to be had if you know which horses have a propensity to run consistently the same way in a race, that is, to lead the race. Some horses are just front-runners and like to run this way, whether they are naturally the leader of the group or whether this characteristic is taken and developed by the trainer, either way there is a good predictive chance of identifing these types of horses and giving yourself a clear edge.

Take the guesswork out of this and let Front Runner Profits show you the best rated horses for this excellent in play strategy!


You can learn more about the strategy & what is involved by CLICKING HERE!


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