The betting exchange and Front Runner Profits

The birth of the betting exchange( Betfair) AND demise of the bookmakers!



The betting exchange and Front Runner Profits: A partnership made in heaven! The third millennium ( or year 2000 as its better known) will have its own significance to anyone old enough to remember the celebrations, parties and new dawn that anyone involved hoped it would bring for them.It was also the birth of a new betting concept called Betfair that would transform the betting lives of countless everyday punters.In 2000 Betfair opened its betting platform to the world, with a novel idea of punters betting ( or trading) against each others betting view.And not a bookmaker account needed ! This ingenius concept allowed the everyday punter to set their own odds and not just accept that offered by the bookie, and yet also allowed the same punter to play bookie by laying bets to lose ( or more accurately not to win).

And so, in May 2001, Betfair launched it’s in-running platform, which to this day is more popular than ever, allowing customers to back, lay and trade as the race takes place, right to the last second! It’s this very platform that will present to you an opportunity to make money on Betfair with Front Runner Profits!

Of course you will need an exchange account ( or two) to make this work and we have three of the best for you to join below.Why three? Well, one of something that makes you profits is good.Two or three are even better though! And of course they are all FREE TO JOIN!

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Remember you can use Front Runner Profits with all three exchages above and it’s important to have accounts with all three.More on this can be found in the service manual explaining the benefits of having all three accounts.

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