Front Runner Profits ratings

Front Runner Profits ratings
When you login you will see a table of the days qualifing races & their Front Runner Profits ratings, all filterable by course, time, history & next race.
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The ratings table shows only the information needed to quickly identify those horses expected to be front runners in the race.The three ratings columns are LPR%, FRP% and the star rating.Those with zero rating have no significant rating when it comes to being a front runner and can be overlooked, with emphasis placed only on those horses higher up the table and rated with the best LFR/FRP/STAR ratings.

The Lead Probability Rating % (LPR% )
  • This is a predictive rating of the likelihood of the identified horse to lead in the initial stage of the race.This is derived from from our extensive database on the running style and characteristics of the horse from all of its historical runs over the last 12 months.


The Front Runner Profits rating % (FRP%)
  • This is a unique rating derived from multiple performance variables, including running style, pace, historical in-play data and other individual performance data.The FRP % rating is a very helpful comparative rating to be used in conjunction with the LPR % rating.Again, this unique rating is produced from our database of multifaceted performance data.


The star rating
  • This is an additional simple and easy visual rating that comprises of a combination of gold, silver and bronze stars relating to the most recent early running performance of the identified horse .An all gold star rating is indicative of the highest star rating and each should be read from left to right to correspond to the most recent runs.A 3 star gold rating is a clear contender for a Front Runner Profits trade, assuming other basic horse/jockey supporting behavioural indicators are present also.


The horse profile window
  • This is a helpful and simple current information box covering basic details around the horse, its age, weight carried, the jockey, trainer, its current odds and its most recent outings.


The FRP resouces tab
  • This is a quick reference to all resouces needed to perate the FRP system, including a quick start guide,links to trading software required, a manual download link and links to current subscription status and renewal options, as well as additional links that may prove helpful when using the service.


The FRP filters
  • These allow for quick filtering of history,course, time and the next qualifing race to trade.They are simple one click filters that are easy to navigate and allow the user to choose the trades of interest to them.

With these simpliest of features,ratings and filters, it just leaves the placing of the back to lay trade.Using our simple supporting behavioural signs to tell you when a trade is on ( which we will show you how to recognise these very easily), the rest is Front Runner Profits for you to bank in your Betfair exchange account!

Its time to bin those bookie accounts and focus on long term profits from the exchange that will never close your account! You can start today……… right here, right now & for just 27p per day !


Front Runner Profits ratings