Welcome to the live video section with live FRP profits!Welcome to the live video section with live FRP profits!


To demonstrate the effectiveness of the FRP ratings and how these can be used to make profits from live races, here are some video clips below showing exactly that.The simplicity of the rating system to show their front running ability, coupled with the speed of the trading software makes it a quick and easy dip into the market to make some easy profits! Remember there is no need to worry about entry/exit points, market analysis, support & resitance points or any other jargonised market reading technical wizardry that the average Betfair trader bettor does not understand.If you have access to the best front running rated horses, and are able to spot a couple of easy to notice horse/jockey behavioural indicators ( which we will show you ) then you will be able to make Front Runner Profits on the betting exchanges !



This is a quick £10 profit made from a £25 stake @ Uttoxeter, all done & dusted in 60 seconds! Using the super fast Geeks Toy to green up those all important profits !



Here’s a 25 second trade for a £9 profit…….. doesn’t get any easier than this !



Another quick trade for a £5 profit with FRP ratings predicting the best front runner to trade for an easy, low risk profit.Watch & see how easy this type of trading is !



Here’s an example of a quick dip in & out of the market for another small profit, all done & dusted in about 60 seconds! A profit’s a profit as the say !



When it doesn’t quite go to plan, we still manage to make a profit with Front Runner Profits!



You don’t need to use large stakes, just whatever you are comfortable with.Here’s a trade using just £5 stakes for a 40% ROI !

With the targetted ratings from FRP you too can make easy profits from trades like these above.With such affordable subscriptions that start from just 27p per day, you can sign up today !

And remember, with not a bookie account in sight, there’s no need to worry about being limited or having your account closed.Profit forever with Front Runner Profits !


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