Front Runner Profits Screenshots


interface 3

An FRP subscription will allow access to the main races page to view all of the days qualifying races, showing the best rated front runners of the day to target for betting exchange profits.

Front Runner Profits Screenshots

Click on the profile link and this will show a pop up window detailing some basic current horse information including the horse age, trainer, weight & jockey information for the current race.The most recent race perfomances are shown with finishing position and FRP star rating from that race ( Gold/Silver/Bronze).

Front Runner Profits Screenshots

An FRP resouces tab can be clicked to show some useful quick download links for the user manual and a quick start guide.This explains the simple to spot horse behavioural cues to help you make a trade decision about the supporting charactersitics of the rated horses to make a successful front runner trade.PDF format and printable links are included ! You can keep an eye on your subscription status from this pop up also.


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Front Runner Profits Screenshots