Which Betfair trading software should I use


Which Betfair trading software should I use with FRP ?


So, you’ve taken a leap of faith and purchased a subscription of FRP, so what next ? Which Betfair trading software should I use?  Well, the obvious and crucially important next step is to ensure you have a trading software that’s reliable and up to the job of placing bets quickly and greening up those profits !

Fortunately for you we have done all the hard work for you to make this an easy choice from the top 3 on the market ( in our view), starting with The Geeks Toy or GT as its affectionately known.


Probably the most well recognised, established and reputable application for trading on the market today.Renowned for its lightning quick responses and full customisation pack, this has to be a real contender for anyone considering trading software.Of course its green up facility is very quick and reliable.It’s feature rich, has a great community of users for support and advice and you can grab a guide on how to use this from just about anywhere.Its learning curve is relatively painless and given the level of features and customisation, its worth the little effort to get there.A definite contender in our book! If you want speed, speed, speed then its the GT you are after! Pricing can be found here !


The next contender is another old kid on the block and worthy of a glowing recommendation…. Bet Angel! Often regarded as a pioneer in the trading software market and comes with a bucketload of rich features to ensure your trading is given every chance possible.

betangel pro140

The Bet Angel pro edition is the one to go for if you want  all the bells and whistles , Streaming charting, technical indicators, fill or kill orders, stops, trailing stops, multi screen trading, connection modes, keep bets and many other features that will more than keep you very happy.One click betting and quick refresh rates ensure its easy to back, lay and green up without any problem.They even have a basic edition ( very basic compared to the pro edition) of the software that you can download and use for FREE, with no time restrictions.If want to try this version first to get a feel for the Bet Angel software this is a good place tp start.However, when you try the pro edition you will see and feel the difference immediately.Great piece of trading kit ! Pricing can be found here !


And finally we have another excellent  trading application, perhaps less well known than the other two, though equally worthy of inclusion in such company.This one is called Advanced Cymatic Trader and has a plethora of features similar to the others and with the occassional unique feature as well ( see Position In Queue feature here).

cymatic trader

Cymatic offers super fast trading with similar features to GT and BA , with a training mode that allows you to practice without risking any of your real money.The usual charting as well as a fast green up facility as standard makes this an attractive platform to trade with.There is a growing community of users and excellent support given by the developer himself to help you along with any issues or questions you may have.Another helpful feature is the Betfair live video window that allows you to watch the inplay action more conveniently from within the Cymatic software and avoids using a separate web browser. The video window in Cymatic can be easily resized and made very compact and can even be pinned to always stay on top of other windows.A free 14 day trial and very modest pricing makes cymatic an excellent choice for the Betfair trader! Pricing can be found here !


OK, so which is the best to use with FRP ?

Well, if we are forced to pick a winner from the above three (and it’s not an easy choice) then we would go for The Geeks Toy ! For us it comes to down to speed in the end.GT is lightning quick to get those bets in the marketplace and to green up for the all important profits!



geeks award


Of course the others will work perfectly fine too and each has their own little features unique to them.In the end all three are very compatible with FRP and will ensure the following :

  • Quick & reliable one click bet placement
  • Quick refresh rates to update prices
  • A fast green up facility that secures your profit ( or gets you a scratch trade if required)
  • A stop loss facilty

And that’s all that’s needed to make Front Runner Profits ! There is no requirement to use any other features to make profits with FRP ! If you are familiar with any of the above then you will already know which software is for you.If not, you can trial all three and go with the one that feels right!

Oh, and dont forget your great value FRP subscription which can be had from the link below !
Subscription purchase!