Why trade front runners for profit on Betfair!


trade front runners for profit on Betfair!

The first reason is quite obvious really.There’s one in every race! There may even be two or more jostling for position at the start of the race, so there’s plenty of opportunities to find one.The other reason is that with the right information, finding one in advance of the race can be done with a certain degree of confidence, as such horses tend to show a propensity to this type of running style.And of course, the third reason for wanting to identify a front runner in a race is that the odds of such a runner will generally shorten even in this early part of the race if its leading, depending of course by how much of a lead it has.This represents a great trading opportunity for those in the know.This style of trading is also relatively low risk as it relies on dipping in and out of the Betfair market for VERY short periods, thus reducing liabilities and risk.It’s a great low risk/good reward stragey for in play trading that is so often avoided like the proverbial plague by traders of horse racing markets!

 Some other great reasons to trade front runners for profit on Betfair are :

  • Trade entry/exit points are easy to determine.
  • It doesn’t require any advanced trading skills, market reading skills, candlestick analysis etc, etc. Anyone can do it ( with the correct pre- race knowledge/info).
  • It’s suitable for all levels of trading skill, experienced traders or those just starting out !
  • And of course, theres absolutely NO bookie accounts needed for this !

So what is required then ?

Well, just a few of things really & most are free or as close to free as possible :

  • Live pictures ( we can show you how to get these for almost free!)
  • A trading application/software ( we will showcase 3 of the best on the market to allow you to choose one).
  • An exchange account like Betfair, Betdaq or Smarkets, all free to join !
  • And of course a low cost subscription to the FRP service.


 And you’re ready to trade front runners for profit on Betfair!  In-play horseracing trading just doesn’t get any simpler than this!
* You can arrange a FREE TRIAL by filling in your details in the box below, OR you can jump in right now and grab a great value FRP subscription and get started making those in play Betfair profits today !


trade front runners for profit on Betfair!